Why do I need to attend an appointment?

It is essential for a medical expert to provide a detailed report on the injuries which you have sustained in your accident and advice on how long it with take for you to recover.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

This depends on the type of expert you are required to see. If you are being examined by a GP the appointment would generally be 2 – 6 weeks after the accident. If you are required to see a specialist expert, it may take longer for the appointment as their waiting lists may vary. Also we may have to obtain your medical records from your GP and Hospital to provide to the expert which also could affect the appointment date.

Will I receive the appointment date?

We will contact you either by phone or letter to confirm the time, date and location of venue. You may also received confirmation directly from the expert.

Will I receive a reminder about my appointment date?

Yes, if you have provided your mobile contact number to us, you will receive a reminder by text, otherwise you will receive a letter.

What should I do if I am unable to attend my appointment?

You need to advise us or the expert as soon as possible. If you do not contact us, this may result in a late cancellation or did not attend fee which you may be personally liable for.

What happens if I do not attend my appointment

This may result in a did not attend fee which you may be personally liable for. It will also delay your claim.

Do I need to take anything to my appointment?

Yes. You may be asked to provide photographic identification i.e passport or driving licence.

Do I need to know any additional information about my appointment?

Please allow enough time to park and locate the venue. It is advisable to find your venue ahead of time and if you require directions or maps these can be provided. Try to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment as some experts may require you to complete a small questionnaire about your accident. If you are late for your appointment the expert may not have enough time examine you and this may result in a fee which you may be personally liable for.

How long with the expert examine me for?

This depends on the type of expert you are required to see. A GP examination might last 15 minutes, where as an orthopaedic surgeon may take 30 – 45 minutes.

Can my own GP provide the medical report?

No. You have to be examined by an independent expert. We will choose an expert which is closest to you, that is suitably qualified and experienced in producing medical reports.

What happens if I would like to see an expert in a different area?

We have a comprehensive database of experts nationwide, so if you require an appointment closer to work etc, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can cancel any existing appointments, otherwise this may result in a late cancellation or did not attend fee which you may be personally liable for.

Will the expert give me any medical advice?

The expert is not seeing you to advise you on your condition or to initiate any treatment, however the expert will provide a medical report, which will detail any recommendations.

Will I be provided the medical report?

Once we receive the report from the expert, this will forwarded to your representative, who will contact you to discuss the contents of the medical report.

Can I make any changes to my medical report?

Once your representative has discussed the contents of the medical report, if there is anything that you are not happy with, please advise your representative and they will contact us regarding any amendments.

Why do I have to attend a second appointment with an expert?

If you have not recovered in line with the original prognosis, you may need to be examined again to assess your injuries. If you have been examined originally by a GP, they may recommend that you see a specialised medical expert.

Why do I have to be examined by a medical expert and physiotherapy?

A medical expert will examine you and produce a medical report on your injuries. A physiotherapist will help to restore movement and normal body function.

How many physiotherapy sessions will I have to attend?

You will attend an initial assessment with a physiotherapist who will recommend the number of sessions you require.

When will my recommended session be authorised?

We usually authorise any recommended session 5 – 7 days after we receive your initial assessment report.

Why do you require my medical records?

If you have attended the hospital or your GP after the accident, the expert may require seeing any comments from the doctor who treated you. Also they may need to see any pre-existing conditions, as this may affect any prognosis.

Why do I have to complete a consent form, for my medical records?

For us to be able to request your medical records from your hospital and GP surgery, you have to provide written permission due to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Can I claim any expenses for attending my appointment?

You should seek advice from your representative regarding this.

I have not received/I have forgotten my fileview login details

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