About Us

About Us

CL MediCall Aid was established in January 2009. Since 2009 we have grown year on year. We currently work closely with a comprehensive database of experts and therapists from all specialities. CL MediCall Aid provides medico-legal reports nationwide and we also manage any aftercare recommended including Physiotherapy, CBT treatment and MRI scans etc.

Our Mission

CL MediCall Aid’s mission is to provide the most effective medical evidence, treatment and rehabilitation service to the UK personal injury market. In our pursuit of this we have created an organisation that is setting the benchmark for integrity and professionalism. The result is a customer-focused single-source solution, delivering exceptional results to insurance and legal professionals alike.

Why have we contacted you?

We have been instructed by your representative to arrange an appointment with an independent expert to provide a medico legal report to support your personal injury claim. We will also be providing you with physiotherapy treatment to aid your recovery.

What you can expect from us?

CL MediCall Aid is a medical agency which covers a wide variety of services, to clients that have been referred to us by their Insurer/Solicitor. Our main services include medical examinations and physiotherapy. However we can also arrange X-rays, MRI scans, counselling and specialist reports, depending on the severity of the accident.

Medical Examination

  • We aim to provide you with an appointment with an expert in your local area (usually under a 12 mile radius)
  • If we are advised by your solicitor that a specialist report is needed, you may be required to travel further.
  • In the event, you fail to attend this appointment, or cancellation is made within 48 hours (working) of the appointment time, you will be subject to a minimum charge of £50.00 payable by you.
  • If your medical report suggests you may require any additional rehabilitation/specialist treatment, we will look to provide this for you.


  • We will arrange an initial assessment with a physiotherapist to assess how many sessions you may require.
  • The above sessions will be authorised within 7 days of us receiving the initial assessment report.

Medical Records

  • The expert may require seeing a copy of your medical records.
  • We will only request these with your consent, by asking you to sign a consent form.
  • Your GP or Hospital may contact you directly to confirm you have given us your consent.